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Disruptive Innovation. Flawless Finish.

Faster, Simpler, Better than ever.

Faster, Simpler, Better than ever.

What is AutoFlex?

AutoFlex™ is the sprayable paint protection system that gives owners the best of both worlds: unrivalled protection from road debris, that looks and feels like premium automotive paint with the added benefit of choosing any colour you like.

If the World's first Removable Paint System wasn't complete enough, we've made some sublte updates! Every change has been made to give our professional users better, faster, more predictable results. Save hours, use less materials, and increase profit margins while amazing yourself and your customers every time.

A New Era

Of Paint Protection

ClarityCoat is revolutionising how vehicle paintwork is protected. The result of years of development, our AutoFlex™ product is guaranteed to give even the most discerning owners a finish they can be proud of, long into the future.

And with both car care and the aftermarket industry rising worldwide, AutoFlex is giving body shops the competitive edge they need to make their mark in a busy marketplace.

With AutoFlex™ you have the ability to paint any 'non-porous' surface including Chrome (which we know is one of the most frustrating substrates to paint) so now you just need to decide what to paint first!

Market Leading


AutoFlex™ solves the common issues body shops and owners encounter with existing paint protection products and vinyl wrapping.

Your customers want perfect protection? No problem. AutoFlex™ delivers between 200 and 350 microns of coverage.

Your customers want that protection without any ugly marks or lines? Make it happen. AutoFlex™ leaves no residue or cut lines: just a smooth finish throughout.

With a Market Leading process, it's not hard to see why we are leading the way globally.



AutoFlex™ is the world’s only paint protection product where the possibilities are endless. Total protection, a seamless finish, applicable in any colour (including OEM-exclusive colours) and totally removable. The only limit is the owner’s imagination.

This is paint protection

You can rely on to provide Repeatable Results!


Knife Cuts






It's Sandable


It's Polishable

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20% Less






Be Inspired

AutoFlex™ isn’t just for cars: it’s just as effective and eye-catching on almost every type of moving vehicle. It’s protection with style on the road, on the trails and on the water.

Check out the gallery for a few examples of what AutoFlex™ can be applied to.