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The Man, The Myth | Ft. Michael Anderson

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Show Notes

Most people in the Automotive Industry surely know our podcast guest in this episode. We have Mike Anderson, the owner of CollisionAdvice.

Mike Anderson is the former owner of multiple collision repair centers in Alexandria, Virginia. Mike’s shops held numerous OEM certifications and were voted the #1 Collision repair business for 12 years in a row in the Washington DC, MD, VA area.  

Currently, Mike owns and operates Collision Advice, an industry research, reference and consulting business. In addition, Mike also serves as a facilitator for Axalta’s highly recognized Business Council 20 Groups in both the US and Canada as well as independent 20 groups thru Collision Advice. He facilitates numerous courses for multiple companies such as Axalta, Toyota, Nissan and other OEM’s as well as his own companies courses listed in this catalogue. Mike has been traveling over 300 days a year for the past 10 years sharing his passion by teaching, serving on advisory boards and committees, and generally living to support the industry in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia. 

Mike is an acclaimed champion of everything that is, or could be, right about the industry. As one of the most knowledgeable people in his field, he is a sought-after speaker, author and consultant, who can discuss and teach on a wide range of topics – from the politics affecting collision repair, to researching repairs properly via technology, to giving and getting the best from insurers, to creating a unified and supportive work culture, to performing a safe and correct repair – just to name a  few things! If there is anything Mike doesn’t know, he will find out about it. 

Speaking with passion, as well as firsthand experience, Mike teaches pertinent cutting-edge management and operational techniques. But that’s not all, he is guaranteed to leave you laughing and highly motivated as well. 

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