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The Ins And Outs of Reinsurance | ft Justin Osburn of Automotive Reinsurance Concepts (ARC)

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Show Notes

For today's episode, we had interesting financial talks with Justin Osburn of Automotive Reinsurance Concepts.

Justin is a former executive automotive dealer consultant, trainer and retail 20 Group Moderator for NIADA (National Independent Automotive Dealers Association). The NIADA bestowed the honor on Justin of rewriting its Certified Master Dealer Certification curriculum. He traveled the country each week helping dealership owners and executives navigate to increased profitability.  

 Justin was a former sales manager, general manager, and co-owner of three independent dealerships, and COO for a three-point, 12 Missouri franchise operation. He has been called the “King of Cars,” a title well-earned during three years of retail-consulting throughout the US for the National Independent Automotive Dealers Association. There, he specialized in high-level, operational profitability.  His 17 years of car-business experience, primarily executive-level across the independent and OEM automotive industry, is the cornerstone for his sought-after ability to identify and analyze operational choke-holds in automotive clients’ financial statements. Indeed, it converges on everything surrounding Automotive Reinsurance Concept’s stellar reputation today.  

 Justin has served in the US Army and as a director on numerous company boards. He has been elected to public offices, holds an international patent, is a dynamic public speaker and published author. In 2016, Justin co-authored an internationally-patent-protected device to stop, slow or thwart active shooters in schools and other facilities. In that same year he published his first book.

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