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Starting Off With A Clean Slate | Ft. Destiny Potter |

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Show Notes

New Podcast Episode with Destiny Potter, Nissan Certified Collision Estimator of Andy Mohr Collision Center in Indianapolis, IN.

A mixture of factors sparked Potter’s interest in the collision repair industry. At age five, she helped her father with small repairs on his vehicles. They watched automotive TV shows together, and he helped her begin a Hot Wheels collection. When her dad passed away, she started to look up to her Grandpa, who works at a GM plant, and her Uncle, who owned his own shop for motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. And, Destiny also stated that without her mom, she would have given up on her dreams. She’s always had her back and would never let her give up. 

Granted, Destiny still never fully decided she wanted to be in this industry until about the end of her middle school. She lost interest in her other hobbies, but her interest in cars never died. So, she decided that she would dedicate her high school years to automotive, design and business management classes.  

After high school, Potter attended the Lincoln College of Technology in Indianapolis, pursuing an associate degree in service management and an I-CAR certification. During her senior year in 2016, Potter became acquainted with CREF and met CREF Director of Development Brandon Eckenrode when the foundation awarded her a $2,000 Lon Baudoux Memorial Scholarship.  

With the support of CREF, Destiny Potter is jumping every hurdle in her path – and gaining a lot of experience along the way. When the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) erased Destiny Potter’s student debt in 2017, it did not erase every challenge she would face while pursuing a career in the collision repair industry. However, with the support of CREF, a solid education, devotion to the industry and some good old-fashioned determination, Potter is jumping every hurdle in her path – and gaining a lot of experience along the way. 

During her senior year, Potter also became an ABRA Auto Body & Glass part-time employee, detailing cars for nine months. She originally planned to become a painter, but when ABRA offered the opportunity to become the youngest estimator in the Indiana market, Potter saw it as a step closer to her ultimate goal: becoming a “Jill-of-all-trades” in the shop environment. 

Potter’s estimating skills grew at ABRA for four years until February 2020, when she found herself unemployed due to COVID-related downsizing. 

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