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Revving Up: An Inside Look at the Automotive Industry with Aussie Automotive Group | Ft. Justin Dunglison

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Show Notes

For today's episode, we have Justin Dunglison from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Justin is currently the General Manager/Director of Aussie Automotive Group. He caters the needs of clients and working with a team that has the potential to grow. Their objective is to ensure our customers get the best out of their car repairs and we will work closely with them every step of the way, always keeping in mind both cost efficiency as well as satisfaction. Our aim is to become the number one source for all your automotive needs. We strive to provide excellent service with friendly, courteous and professional staff. The team are highly experienced, and we cover all areas

Justin talks about how he got into the industry, which was through his father's work at Zeki Motorcycles. He started as a beginner and learned to do things methodically and correctly. He initially worked at a prestige body shop doing Lexus and Jaguar when he was 14 and learned skills from the older generation. Justin's passion is cars, and he grew up with Holden, a brand that no longer exists in Australia. He also talks about the changes in the automotive industry in Australia, with more Japanese and European brands becoming popular. The episode also briefly touch on the import taxes and duties in Australia and the cost of cars.

Justin initially struggled to keep up with his peers but eventually surpassed them due to his meticulousness. He also mentions the challenges of being patient and learning skills that take a long time to acquire. The speaker describes the apprenticeship process in Australia, which involves four years of training and onsite learning rather than college education. The shift towards more onsite training is a recent trend in Australia that is gaining popularity in Europe and the United States.

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