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Peelable Paint Chronicles: Exploring the World of PlastiDip and AutoFlex Ft. Jason Brozak

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Show Notes

In this episode of the AutoBody Podcast, we have Jason Brozak, a peelable paint installer extraordinaire associated with JustTheDipz. 

Jason shares his professional journey, from working in a sign shop to exploring different career paths. Eventually, he found his passion in peelable paint and started dipping his own car after having the necessary budget.  Jason shares his expertise and experiences with Peelable paint products, specifically focusing on PlastiDip and AutoFlex. They delves into the origins of peelable paint, with Jason mentioning that he learned about PlastiDip from Fonzie's videos on YouTube. They were captivated by the idea of changing colors on wheels and other surfaces easily and without limitations. The conversation covers various aspects of peelable paint, its emergence, advantages over vinyl wraps, and the challenges faced by installers. 

In this episode, Jason Brozak provides an insightful discussion on peelable paint, its advantages over vinyl wraps, the popularity of PlastiDip, the importance of following instructions, and the challenges of matte finishes on motorcycles. 

Listeners will surely gain valuable knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world of peelable paint coatings, its evolution, and its application in the automotive industry.