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One Mans Mission To Starting An Entire Regulatory Body | Ft. Mike Monaghan |

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Show Notes

Today's episode, we have Mike Monaghan from Kirkham, England - the business owner of Auto Motivate.

Mike  is a recognized industry professional with over 46 years’ experience in the body repair and insurance industry. Mike’s background was established within the UK, from an apprentice motor engineer to multi-shop owner and ultimately became the founder and CEO of the Motor Vehicle Repairers Association (MVRA). 

The MVRA was the leading representative of collision repairer networks, having a membership of over 2000 businesses in the UK. 

During this time, Mike was the first to create the most advanced and recognized standards for body shops in the UK, back in 1988. That standard became the benchmark for every collision shop for over 22 years and was the forerunner of the internationally recognized PAS125. His membership network was responsible for over £1.3bn in motor repair claims each year. 

The success of MVRA enabled Mike to operate within a unique position in the industry, visiting over 20 countries globally studying the collision industry at all levels. This privileged position allowed Mike to work directly with some of the largest insurance companies and motor manufacturers worldwide. 

Mike has been a recognized expert in the sector for over 30 plus years. With global experience he has built up an enviable position with some of the most recognized names in the industry and has been a leading speaker at many industry events such as ABP, Bodyshop Magazine, NACE, SEMA, CIC & Verifacts conferences. 

Mike now provides business management coaching, training, and consulting support to organizations in the following areas: 

- Mindset Performance Development
- Leadership development and coaching of senior management.
- Process and procedural control systems.
- Insurance company negotiations and presentations.
- Global best practice capabilities and technology solutions.
- Business management, development and realignment strategies.
- Motivational presentations and public speaking.
- Bodyshop networks and the consolidation effect.
- Supply chain consulting projects.

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