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Making A Good Product Better | Ft Tim Briggs

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Show Notes

For today's episode, we have our returning guest - Tim Briggs of National Coatings & Supplies, Inc. (NCS) and the Owner Designer of Collision Edge. Tim had been a guest on our podcast earlier this year and shared his story and thoughts about the industry. And today, he's definitely back for more - that's for sure!

Tim is an experienced Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry.  Tim Briggs and his wife, Ginger, are the owners of Collision Edge and the inventors of many products, including The Tape Thing, The Dent Viewer, and The Estimating Kit. Tim entered the collision repair industry as a distributor/rep for Fowler Color Company in Atlanta, GA, in 1996 after working as a painter and airplane mechanic for many years. Tim is good at looking for solutions. Many of the tools he has created came about while he was looking for a better way of doing things when visiting shops.

Tim is also the Director of Strategic Development for National Coatings & Supplies, Inc. (NCS), where he works on numerous internal and external projects.

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