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Looking At The Business Broadly Ft Juan Pablo Franch Mazzino | ROBERLO, S.A.U

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Show Notes

Today's episode, we have an amazing guest, all the way from Spain, a Global Product Director Refinish Coatings at ROBERLO, S.A.U. company - Juan Pablo Franch Mazzino.

Juan Pablo is a Business Manager with thorough cross-regional experience. Ample Sales and Marketing expertise along different functions, including P&L accountability. Pablo is known for his leadership capabilities aimed at mobilizing and energizing teams, especially in times of crisis. 

In 1993, Juan Pablo started as a Junior Auditor at PwC. That was his first job while he was studying.  He became Bookkeping & Controlling within Finance Dept of small Copyright Company named Publisong Musical Editions and became Senior Auditorat KPMG in 1995. Auditing career up to Senior Auditor across different Industries (Chemicals, Textiles, Food & Beverages among others). 

After more than 2 years in KPMG, Juan Pablo started his career at BASF located in Argentina. He started there as Controller Deco & Refinish Coatings. He was responsible for Controlling of Deco & Refinish Coatings Businesses in Argentina and, not more than a year later, he became the Marketing Manager Refinish Coatings of the company for more than 5 years. In Dec 2016, Pablo worked as Head of Commercial Transport EMEA Business at Akzo Nobel Coatings for more than 3 years. He spent years of life working in the same industry with different much higher positions and responsibilities. Pablo has over 20 years' experience in the Coatings and Automotive Markets. 

And currently, he works as a Global Product Director Refinish Coatings at ROBERLO, S.A.U. - a family business specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of coatings and repair solutions for the refinish after market and industrial sectors.

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