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Leadership, Mental Toughness, and Empowering Teams: Insights from the Auto Collision Repair Industry | Ft. Richard Miller & Andre Ayala

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Show Notes

For today's episode, we have the Regional Director of  Classic Collision Inc.,  Richard Miller and Andre Ayala, Tesla's Regional Collision Manager.

This podcast episode features a discussion among three individuals, Adam, Andre, and Richard, who share their experiences working in the auto collision repair industry. They talk about their backgrounds and how they got into the industry, as well as how they have evolved and grown over the years. The conversation covers topics such as leadership, coaching, communication, and mental toughness.

Andre and Richard discuss the importance of establishing relationships with team members before being able to provide honest feedback, and how different people require different approaches to communication and leadership. They also emphasize the importance of empowering employees and trusting them to make decisions, as well as prioritizing and executing in a company's growth mode.

Andre and Richard share their personal stories and experiences, providing practical insights and tips for those working in the industry or looking to improve their leadership skills.

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