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Getting Technical | Ft. Danyon Kirchner

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Show Notes

Today's episode, we have Danyon Kirchner,  a Business Services Manager of Zimmerman Auto Body Supplies and C20 Refinish Moderator of Collision Hub as well.

Danyon, as a teenager in the late 90’s and early 2000’s he started hanging around some local body shops, and became intrigued with painting immediately. The fact that people could take a wrecked car, and make it look untouched, absolutely fascinated Danyon. He was literally that kid who wouldn’t leave the body shop, so they put him to work. 

 Danyon really wanted to be a lawyer or an accountant. He made the decision, however, to not take on college debt and spend the rest of his life paying for it. Since he had been working in the body shop during high school and absolutely loved all aspects, Danyon chose to pursue it as a career. His dad was still alive at the time and encouraged Danyon to do what he loved. He suggested Danyon go to Thaddeus Stevens College and get an affordable degree. It was the best move he ever made without question. Danyon’s dad owned a locally well-known sub shop up until his death, so family businesses mean more to him than most. In his heart, he always knew that he wanted to work for a family run business, as he firmly believes that they are the lifeblood of America. Before joining ZABS, Danyon was a ZABS customer. He was always impressed that whether he worked in a bigger shop or smaller shop, Danyon was treated with the same respect. He loves being part of a company with strong ethics and moral values. 

 The most accomplishment Danyon is most proud is right before joining Zimmerman’s in 2009, he spent a semester as a refinish instructor at Thaddeus Stevens. In his role now, Danyon get to see what some of his students have become. One of them opened his own shop, and several others have become high end technicians. It feels good to Danyon to know that he had a small part in that. 

 Danyon also works as a C20 Refinish Moderator at Collision Hub where he manages monthly meetings with collision centers from all over the US. He creates and presents information that is specifically designed for the paint shop, from full inventory control to in depth training on the art of color match. This virtual group allows painters from all over the country to learn, converge and be the best they can be in their field. 

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