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Fixing A National Crisis | Ft. Brandon Eckenrode

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Show Notes

For today's episode, we had a great chat with amazing Brandon Eckenrode who is known as a Facilitator of Generosity within the Collision Industry.

Brandon has been in the collision industry for over 20 years, initially with I-CAR from 2002-2009 serving in their marketing department to then joining the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) in 2009 when it became the philanthropic organization it is today supporting US high school and college collision programs, students, and instructors.

Brandon was the organization’s lead fundraiser in helping to raise over $400 million for the collision programs since 2009 and helped showcase CREF as the collision industry’s main source for being able to gather /distribute donations but also help to connect these students with local and national industry employers.

Brandon was appointed the Managing Director position in 2021 and looks forward to leading the organization into the future so that not only students but also the general public better understand that many career paths available within this industry.

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