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Evolve As An Operator | Ft. Paul Prochilo

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Show Notes

Today, I'm talking with a truly inspiring man behind Simplicity Car Care, Paul Prochilo.

Paul was born in Caledon East, Ontario, Canada. At the age of seven he moved to Brampton, Ontario, Canada and currently residing in Totonto, Ontario, Canada

In an interview, Paul says that he did not plan on being in the collision repair industry. Paul planned to attend law school, but after graduation, he quickly identified that their family business needed his help. Paul took a lot of technical training which is where STEM experience helped a lot. He had to adapt to the Collision Centre by using engineering, science, and technology knowledge to assist in learning damage assessments and vehicle repairs. During his career, Paul had many failures that did not go to plan. Paul overcame them by believing in himself, in the plan and he used these failures as opportunities to become better. So far, everything has worked perfectly.

Paul is a CEO at Simplicity Car Care and a Chairman at Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF).   Paul is an active player in the aftermarket industry. He has been a member of the CCIF steering Committee (2014-2016), a Chairman of the PPG Elite Performance Group (2013-2016) and most recently, a member of the AIA Collision Industry Council. 

Paul believes that collaboration and active communication are integral to the successful development of industry and community. His dedication and experience are just part of what makes him a deserving recipient of this year’s award.

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