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A Look From The Management Side Ft Shawn Foster

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Show Notes

For today's episode, we have Shawn Foster, the Chief Operating Officer of Autosmart Chevrolet - Autosmart LLC.

Shawn has been an Automotive Executive and Vice President with 20+ years of expertise in dealership startups, business turnaround, software sales, and revenue growth.

Shawn possesses strong skillsets in assessing the current business state, understanding the market, and managing all dealership resources, as well as mentoring leadership teams in sales, operations, and training. Additionally, Shawn is adept at developing strategic direction and creating process efficiencies for strong ROI and $MM bottom line impact. Shawn's proven operations experience and documented success in the automotive retail arena bring a level of expert skill that enhances the operational process at the quality, efficiency, and financial levels.

Shawn's career passion is blending my financial acumen, dealership retail expertise, and leadership skills to drive successful operations. 

Shawn has Engineered 15 dealership business turnarounds with successes ranging in the millions. He's known as an automotive industry national speaker, trainer, and writer. He developed and launched the nation’s first Subprime Mobile Application – Bidzpin
He also led as GM of a top 10 Chevrolet Dealership / Penske Chevrolet / Indianapolis.

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