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A Little Irish Charm | Ft. Rachel Murray |

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Show Notes

Today's episode, we have Rachel Murray from UK who is a Freelance Refinisher & the Owner of  "Paint by Rach".

Rachel is a successful and passionate young woman in the Automotive Collision Repair Industry all because she crashed her dad’s car when she was 17 -- three and a half weeks after Rachel passed her driving test, Rachel crashed her car. Something that at 17 years old Rachel thought “her life is over” since it was her dad’s car.

Initially Rachel was planning on going down the route of becoming a Motorsport Mechanic, but Rachel was finding it rather difficult to gain experience and get her foot in the door - She took the opportunity to ask Killaughey Road Commercial Repairs (who took the car in to be repaired) if Rachel could brush the floor to get some workshop experience. On her first day Rachel was given a suction fed spray gun and shown how to paint on a set of Massey Ferguson wheels. 


Rachel had a newfound love of painting, she quit her ideas of working as a Motorsport Mechanic, enrolled in Riverpark Training and gained a vital placement in Charles Hurst Accident Repair Centre. Rachel worked hard and completed both her level 2 and 3 qualifications in vehicle refinishing. 


In 2019, Rachel took a leap of faith and went self-employed and have since gained quality contracts with Elite Refinish, Suitor Autofix and CRASH Services. In 2021, Rachel became an Ambassador for School of Thought (Automotive). 


Along the way Rachel been presented with various awards such as Bodyshop Magazine Paint Technician of the year 2021, Bodyshop Magazine 30 under 30: Rising Stars in 2020, Thatcham Paint Apprentice of the year Finalist in 2017, 2nd and 3rd Northern Ireland Paint Apprentice in 2017 and 2018.

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