Meet The Team


Justin Pollington-Woods

Justin has been working in the 'Removable Coatings' world since 2014 when the first iteration of a professional product was available.Since then, he has dedicated his time to become as knowledgable as one could be; demonstrating, selling & training in some of the most incredible locations such as Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Kuwait, etc...With the industry changing, he felt it was the right time to use the relationships gained over the years to partner with the right people and create 'ClarityCoat LLC'.



Adam Huber

Adam Huber has been a part of the automotive protection field for the past 5 years. Adam’s passion for peelable paint protection came about in 2018 and he’s excited to continue that passion by partnering with Justin to bring ClarityCoat to you.

He was then recruited to work for an international automotive detailing chemical manufacture to help grow their customer base with his expertise in detailing and marketing. Adam has traveled all over the United States performing training on business, marketing, and detailing efficiency. He is well regarded in his field as a go-to person in these areas of knowledge He was then introduced to Removable Coatings and became fascinated with them and their possibilities. Looking into the future and seeing the market changing rapidly he decided to go back into business for himself and form ClarityCoat LLC with the best in the industry.