When Should You Use A Heavy-Cut Polish

When choosing the best type of polish for your car, it’ll largely depend on the type of scratches and paint damage you’re dealing with. For the deep scratches and heavy paint swirls that ruin the car’s aesthetics, a heavy-cut polishing compound can help restore the appearance you fell in love with when you purchased the vehicle.

Although polishing a vehicle isn’t a difficult process and doesn’t require a lot of effort, it’s something most car owners know little about. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and that’s what we’re here for.

In this post, we’re going to detail what a heavy-cut polish is, when you should use it on your car, what brand you should trust, and how to properly apply it to your vehicle. With a little tender love and care, your car will be back to looking its best. At last, you’ll feel comfortable showing your car off -- much like you did when you bought it.

Why Use a Heavy Cut Polish?

Your car is bound to endure some damage over the years, especially if you like taking it out on adventures. While most car owners fear the big dents and major damage to the car, you’re far more likely to endure small scratches and paint swirls on a daily basis.

Over time, these small scratches and paint swirls start to add up. Eventually, you’ll go to clean your car and you’ll start to notice just how bad it has gotten. What used to be a shiny new car is now full of imperfections that make it look a lot less impressive.

Even if you were to wax the car, what you would end up with is a shiny car with imperfections. What you really want is to get rid of those imperfects to return the car to its original state -- or at least as close to its original state as possible.

That’s where a heavy-cut polishing compound comes in to save the day. It’ll remove a layer off the outermost coat of the paint job, taking any of those deep scratches and paint swirls with it. What you’re left with is what looks like a ‘new’ paint job, though it will look a little rough when it’s done (nothing a wax can’t fix).

You should keep in mind that you can only do this a couple times over the life of the paint job. Eventually, you won’t have anymore coating to remove and any damage will be done directly to the car’s paint.

How to Use a Heavy Cut Polish

If you want to give your car that new-car-look without the hassle of getting an entire new paint job, we have the perfect heavy-cut metal polish for you. It’s called #AUDACE and it’s made by Labcosmetica, one of the most trusted brands available today.

It’s capable of removing those deep scratches that make you cringe when you look at them -- even scratches left behind after 1000-grit sanding. What most detailers love about this product is it provides the heavy-cut polish they need, but leaves a medium polish finish. This means it’s just a two-step process when combined with a refinishing primer.

If you’re using this heavy cut metal polish with a rotary polisher, we suggest going with a wool pad or a sponge pad. On the other hand, we suggest using a low-lint wool pad when using a random orbital polisher (theblue sponge pad also works).

For those that need further assistance when trying to find the heavy cut polishing compound best-suited for your vehicle, feel free to contact ClarityCoat today. One of our trusted professionals will assist you immediately!

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