3 Efficiency Hacks You Probably Aren’t Doing In Your Bodyshop

Body shop owners face a variety of obstacles when developing, building, maintaining, and growing their businesses. One of the hardest achievements in this industry is remaining efficient on a daily basis, despite all the things working against your favor.

Think about the amount of time you waste every single day searching for lost tools or parts, doing things by hand that could be done mechanically, and playing around on your phone. For most business owners, that time starts to add up and results in a wide amount of lost revenue.

Efficiency is key, yet many business owners don’t realize it until it’s too late. As passionate as we are in this industry, we don’t want to see a body shop struggle to make ends meet. That’s why we’re going to share with you some of our greatest efficiency hacks inside the body shop.

So, how can your body shop improve efficiency?

To be honest, there are a million different ways you can improve efficiency in the body shop. When we think about the top-three that most body shop owners aren’t utilizing enough of, there are three categories of ‘hacks’ that come to mind -- technology, organization, and productivity. Don’t worry, we’re going to showcase some of our greatest hacks in each category, that way you can start to take better advantage of the time you have each day.

1. Utilizing the Power of Technology

Technology is something every business should be using more of, yet most businesses simply don’t. While some businesses struggle with (and fear) the initial investment when introducing technology into their company,

The good news is there are cost-effective ways of utilizing the power of technology within your body shop. For example, many body shop owners still use screwdrivers, wrenches, and ratchets that you use by-hand. Instead, body shop owners should be using mechanical ones. Not only that, but there are a variety of cordless versions out there that limit the amount of time spent unraveling and untangling cords. Having a quality sander is also crucial, that way you don’t have to sand the vehicle by-hand.

2. Staying Organized Throughout the Day

Technology can do a lot for you on a daily basis, but its effect is limited if you can’t stay organized. For many body shop owners, this is one of the biggest downfalls, especially with all the little tools, parts, and other items needed when repairing a vehicle.

There are so many ways to stay organized and the one that’s best-suited for your company will depend on the company itself. With that being said, there are a few organization hacks that most body shop owners don’t follow until they have years of experience.

For example, many owners don’t utilize a tool cart when working on a car. Instead, they’re constantly searching for tools and parts that “disappeared” on them. Ziploc bags can also be useful when maintaining small tools and parts.

If you want to get fancy, a tackle box works wonders. Having specialized racks and stands for your equipment is also crucial, especially when cleaning everything up for the day.

3. Maximizing Productivity & Avoiding Distractions

The final tip we have when staying efficient in the body shop industry involves maximizing productivity and limiting the number of distractions surrounding you. Much like the efficiency hacks above, these ones will vary depending on the way your body shop operates. For example, many body shop owners and employees spend a large amount of time on their phone. If they were handling customer complaints and collecting leads, that would be fine. Unfortunately, that’s rarely what’s going on.

In addition to that, employees should be focusing more on their work and less on holding long conversations with other employees or customers. At a certain point, these things can get in the way of your quality work.

You should also always be analyzing your company and finding ways to improve. Knowing your company’s strengths and weaknesses goes a long way when owning a body shop. Once you can pinpoint the weak areas, you can gradually start to strengthen them.

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