About ClarityCoat

Everything You Need To Know

Paint Protection Like No Other

ClarityCoat has been developed with common Paint Protection / Vinyl Wrap issues taken into consideration. With the highest grade materials and years of testing, we have developed this best in class product that is successfully being used Globally

With a minimum of 200 microns (8 mils) up to 350 microns (14 mils) worth of 'Protection' there is no alternative!


When owning a car that you treasure and love to maintain, the worst thing is having your lovely paintwork become damaged due to something as simple stone chip or branch scratch.

One of the best features of ClarityCoat is that it is applied by 'Painting' on the material...this allows us to adjust how much material is applied thus giving you the option of how thick you want it.

Whether you're looking to protect your 'Track Day Toy' or your 'Pride & Joy', with ClarityCoat you have the choice.


The Future Of Traditional Colour Change & Customisation

We all know the Pro's & Con's of traditional 'Vinyl Wrap'. ClarityCoat takes all of that away and enables a paint like finish that you'd never believe was removable. 


ClarityCoat makes the impossible possible!

When most of us think about a colour change, that’s really all it is. But, if the the sky was the limit, what would you dream up?

When we think custom graphics, it’s usually just a few stripes here or there and if we are getting REALLY creative, a black roof. But today, that’s done with vinyl.

What if the possibilities were endless? What if anything normally painted could be added to your car? That’s where ClarityCoat comes in. And the best part? It’s fully removable, leaves no residue and provides superior paint protection like nothing else on the market.

What Can ClarityCoat Be Applied To?




Cars, Trucks, Minivans and so on...there is no limit to what can be protected.

These investments need to be looked after and we want to ensure you not only receive the best experience but receive the best product.



It has becoming increasingly common for customers with expensive Motorcycles to request ways of protecting certain areas. The only option available has been 'Traditional PPF' which on a Motorcycle Tank isn't the prettiest of sights.

ClarityCoat takes all those issues away as spraying the 'Protection' negates the need for wrapping PPF around horrendous contours.

You can even have a full 'Custom Painted' motorcycle that is completely removable.




The UTV/ATV market has exploded in the last decade along with a huge aftermarket to make them faster and look cooler.

But nothing to protect them until now.

With ClarityCoat you can have your UTV in any custom colour or graphic but add protection at the same time!



Combining both vinyl and ClarityCoat creates enormous opportunities for customisation while combining protection.

One of vinyl’s biggest problems has been UV protection and their colours quickly fade. With ClarityCoat on top that is no longer an issue.




Your water toys shouldn’t look the same as everyone else’s either.

With ClarityCoat all of the options for customisation are also available and fully compatible with being in the water.




A completely niche market, the high end bike world has been longing for a protection solution.

Not only are you able to benefit from seamless protection, but all the other customisation options mentioned above.